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MLD (manual lymphatic drainage) - MLD is a very gentle form of massage that helps to push lymph fluid through a network of lymph vessels and lymph nodes towards the heart where it joins the circulation system.
Many people suffer oedema or swelling at times and it often transient and goes away in a day or so and is a natural response to many types of injury.
Lipoedema is swelling of the legs above the ankles and also the arms and is seen in females much more than males. It's not exactly known what causes it but often starts at puberty and cannot be cured but can be managed.  Sufferers have a tendency to accumulate fat in affected areas and although a healthy diet can help to reduce fat in other parts of the body its effect on the legs and arms can be negligible.
At Bodyfixa as well as using the Vodder MLD method we also incorporate Deep Oscillation which has been shown to increase the efficiency of the removal of lymph fluid.
It is important to note that I cannot treat lymphoedema.  To get a list of approved practitioners click this link MLD uk and then select DLT therapists


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